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Wishful Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer

Wishful Honey Balm's name is self explanatotory; this non-comodegenic soothing and healing balm is enriched with Turmeric and Niacinimide to brighten the skin's complexion. The Lavendar and Honey penetrates the skin with calming hydration to achieve that plumpy Glow.

wishful honey balm jelly moisturizer step nine of korean skin care routine

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wishful honey balm jelly moisturizer step nine of korean skin care routine

Wishful Honey Balm

The Wishful Honey Balm Moisturizing Cream can be used day and night. It contains only ingredients that are kind to the skin such as:
Honey, a natural antibiotic that can be consumed or used topically for its soothing properties.
Turmeric Root Extract that targets any dark spots like pigmentation or acne scars to even out the skin tone.
Niacinimide also known as Vitamin B3 that works to egalize the appearance of an uneven skin surface.
Lavendar Oil to soothe, calm and relax you and your senses.

Moisturize your skin day and night. The key to glowing skin is consistency in hydrating your skin with layers of humuctants.

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By day, apply before your sunscreen and after your eye cream. At night, follow with a treatment face oil or sleeping mask.

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Remember to moisturize the neck and chest area to avoid premature aging.

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Before applying foundation, scoop a pea sized moisturizer and apply it as a primer for your makeup.



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