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Skin Gritting

    Skin gritting is known as removing dirt from your pores. It is a deep cleansing technique that includes several steps of cleansing, clay masks, and… Read More »Skin Gritting

    Cleansing Oil

      Cleansing Oil is a skincare product used to cleanse the face and body through the oil cleansing method. It is considered a multi-purpose face wash… Read More »Cleansing Oil


        Patchology, formally known as Iontera, is a skincare company founded in 2007 that designed and produces transdermal patches to reduce blemishes. The skincare brand focuses… Read More »Patchology

        Lip Balm

          Lip balm is often a waxy or gel-like substance applied to your lips for hydration and protection. It creates a layer on your lip skin… Read More »Lip Balm