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Cosmetic Fridge

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    Once upon a time, known to be the keep-safe of mid-night snacks, the mini-fridge has evolved into a micro-fridge for the purpose of storing cosmetic products. The idea of a beauty fridge is to keep your skincare products such as vitamin C and retinol balanced at a low temperature of 3 degrees celsius to prevent these unstable ingredients from disintegrating. The most natural skincare products are sensitive to light and do not contain a high quantity of preservatives to preserve their strength. For this reason, a skincare mini fridge is needed to the great extent of lengthening the product’s expiration date. On the packaging of your products, you are most likely to find an instruction that clarifies keeping your skincare products below room temperature. 


    What can you put in the Cosmetic Fridge?

    A cosmetic mini fridge can hold skincare products such as face oils, sheet masks, facial gels, facial serums, face toners, facial moisturizers, eye creams, and facial tools. The expiration date of these products can range from three months to one year but unopened and stored in the fridge may extend their life up to three years making it worth your while purchasing those value kits on sale. Facial tools like metal applicators and jade rollers can fit in the door of your skincare mini fridge. Products you should not be putting in your mini fridge are oil-based products, certain facial serums, and clay masks.


    Why should you use a Cosmetic Fridge?

    You should use a cosmetic fridge because cold-temperature skincare products help to constrict blood vessels, increase circulation, and ultimately decrease the inflammation and redness of your skin. The cool temperature will increase the performance of active ingredients that are meant to soothe and brighten your skin. It will also help to relieve an itch. The probiotics and live bacteria in your products are also prone to faster deactivation which is why storing them in a cosmetic mini fridge may be handy. You should take note that the low temperature does change the consistency of some gels and creams making them thicker. 


    What does a Cosmetic Fridge feature?

    Cosmetic Fridge features are important if you are investing your money into the best of the best skincare products as you also want to invest in the best cosmetic fridge to suit your needs. Your hard-earned product purchases can only give you the best benefits when you are using them to their full extent. Moreover, purchasing the best mini fridge for skincare will ensure that you get the best results. Cosmetic fridges such as the Frigidaire Cosmetic Fridge, for example, offer a compact and spacious mini fridge that is stylish and portable. It appears heavy duty, easy to clean, and energy-saving.

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