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Korean Skin Care Routine Kits

Normal Skin Kits

normal skin tenstepkoreanskincareroutine

Normal skin feels well balanced. It neither feels dry nor oily. It does not show any concerns of other skin types, such as dryness, breakouts, or irritation. The texture is smooth, and the pores are usually small. It feels elastic and has a healthy natural glow.


Dry Skin Kits

dry skin tenstepkoreanskincareroutine

Dry skin usually feels tight and itchy. In addition, the skin is prone to flakiness, sensitivity, and uneven skin tone. It is also the most susceptible to aging, given that dehydration is one of the main causes of aging skin.


Oily Skin Kits

oily skin tenstepkoreanskincareroutinekit

Oily skin feels greasy, mainly on the T-Zone, which is made up of the forehead, nose and chin. Oily skin is characterised by overproduction of sebum which results in the skin appearing shiny with large pores and is prone to breakouts.


Combination Skin Kits

Combination skin type tenstepkoreanskincarekit

Combination skin shows signs of more than one skin type. Usually, the T-Zone is oily, and the rest of the face is either normal, dry, or sensitive. The skin surface is uneven due to its uneven conditions across the face.


Sensitive Skin Kits

sensitive skin tenstepkoreanskincareroutinkit

Sensitive skin often has a burning sensation after being exposed to certain conditions. Such as harsh skin products or sun damage. Sensitive skin can be identified by its redness and often shows small red veins through the skin surface. The skin surface is usually uneven, often flakey and/or inflamed.



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