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Skin Gritting

    skin gritting blog

    Skin gritting is known as removing dirt from your pores. It is a deep cleansing technique that includes several steps of cleansing, clay masks, and facial massages to remove skin grits essentially from blackheads but not limited to general dirt and debris built up in your pores. Although it is not as extensive as the 10 step Korean Skincare Routine, it is considered a great addition to your skincare routine at least once a month. In addition, skin gritting is considered a form of improving aesthetics rather than a medical concern. Moreover, skin gritting should be more gentle and less painful than getting a professional pore extraction.

    Skin Benefit of Skin Gritting

    Skin gritting has a lot of benefits in using the correct method of softening pores, drawing impurities out, and dislodging blackheads with facial pressure massages. However, once your skin has been massaged and your clogged pores come into contact with the air, they will oxidize and become blackheads. Therefore, the benefits of skin gritting include softening your skin’s overall texture, giving a clear complexion, removing grits and dead skin cells from the skin, and stimulating the blood circulation in your skin. These benefits may also help you achieve glass skin.

    The Safest Method for Gritting Your Skin

    The skin gritting cleansing technique must be done using an orderly step-by-step guide such as the following:

    Oil-cleanse: by washing your face with a cleansing oil, you can get rid of the top layer of dirt and debris to prep the skin. This step also helps free radicals which restrict collagen breakdown from your face. Apply clay or charcoal mask – in applying a face mask; you allow the active ingredients to seep into your pores and draw out impurities and toxins from under the skin’s surface and essentially help remove dead skin cells. Leave the mask on until it dries, and then use warm water and a warm towel to remove the mask.
    Massage your skin: use rigorous pressure to massage you skin with any carrier oil such as coconut oil or our favorite; sweet almond oil. During this final step, the blackhead grits will start to force their way out, and your face will look and feel softer, smoother and glowing for days.

    Precautions to Consider Before Skin Gritting

    When gritting your skin, you must take great precautions to avoid damaging your skin. A few tips that you should keep in mind before you start gritting your skin may be to rub your face gently because severe pressure may cause skin irritation. In addition, you should remove the mask entirely before massaging your face as an exfoliant so that you don’t experience any redness or discomfort. In addition, you should relgiously apply sunscreen to protect your skin from burning as it will be sensitized after skin gritting.

    What Are The Risks of Skin Gritting?

    There are quite a few long-term risks involved in skin gritting, such as damage to your pores which makes them look more prominent than before. For example, extreme blackhead removal before and after sessions with over-exfoliation for prolonged periods may harm the skin in ways that damage long-term skin growth. Moreover, suppose you have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema or any other skin disease. In that case, you may experience inflammation from the skin gritting cleansing technique, so you should consult a dermatologist before trying the method.

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