Fenty Total Cleans'r Makeup Removing Cleanser

This non-comedogenic Fenty Skin Cleanser effortlessly removes even waterproof makeup and excess sebum without stripping the skin's protective barrier.

fenty total cleanser makeup removing cleanser

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Fenty Total Cleanser

This cleanser removes layers and layers of makeup while containing nourishing ingredients:

Barbados Cherry, a source of vitamin C to fight anti-aging and brighten the skin tone.
Green Tea and Fig that is packed with antioxidants and protects the skin against environmental agressors.
Ginkgo Bilboa regulates sebum productions.
Quince; A rare fruit—think apple meets pear—that thrives in rough, dry climates; infused with minerals to help the skins condition.

The best cleanse is double cleanse, to ensure a squeaky clean skin surface by removing oil residue and makeup debris.

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For the best results, cleanse your face day and night.

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The best cleanse is double cleanse, to remove oil residue and makeup debris and ensure a squeaky clean skin surface.

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Massage into skin for at least 60 seconds to ensure the removal of all impurities.


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