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Wishful Skin Get Even Rose Oil

Huda refers to Wishful Get Even Rose Oil as her magic oil. Containing 15 extraordinary oils that brighten the skin's complexion and evens out its texture.

wishful get even rosehip oil

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wishful get even rosehip oil

Wishful Get Even Rosehip Oil

Wishful Get Even Rosehip Oil serves one purpose and that is to improve the overall condition of the skin focusing on the appearance like evening out the complexion. Out of the 15 wonderful oils, the hight concentrated oils are:

Damascus Rose Oil that brightens the skins complexion and locks in moisture.

Carrot Seed Oil that hydrates and tightens the skin to improve the skin's texture.
Rosehip Oil evens out the skin tone tackling dark spots and other kinds of pigmentation and fine lines.

Take care of your skin day and night. The key to glowing skin is consistency in hydrating your skin with layers of humuctants.

only apply at night


Apply this oil at the end of your skincare routine, it can be used during the day, however it is most practical to use at night for the best resutls. 

decolletage for moisturizer page


Remember to treat the neck and chest area to avoid premature aging.

morning and night eye cream


Use daily for the best results.



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