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Lip Balm

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    Lip balm is often a waxy or gel-like substance applied to your lips for hydration and protection. It creates a layer on your lip skin that protects it from sun rays, dry cold temperatures, and any harsh elements in the air. Lip balm has become the intrinsic 11th step of the daily skincare routine. 


    Why you should use lip balm:

    Lip balm is an important step in your daily skincare routine because it builds and restores your lip epithelium making it plump and soft. SPF lip balms protect your lip skin from UVB rays that cause painful sunburn, skin chapping, skin cancer. Skincare brands such as the Burt’s Bee Lip balm and Kiehl’s lip balm and Laneige Lip Sleeping Masks have developed formulas using natural ingredients to create clean skincare products. These formulas may include anti-aging, camphor, and menthol, as well as fruit extracts.


    Different types of lip balm:

    Lip balm has evolved into a variety of substances with natural products to create a deep range of care steps including lip butter, lip oils, lip masks, and lip scrubs. These are all used in the 11th step to your skincare routine. Most lip-nourishing substances are categorized as a medicated lip balm which can include SPF lip balm and CBD lip balm that has been proven to decrease the appearance of inflammation and scarring. The Laneige lip balm and the La Mer lip balm fall onto the spectrum but bear a more opulent and sensual feel to the use of lip balm. Even makeup brands are making lip balms that offer nourashing benefits such as the Huda Beauty Silk Balm.


    When you should apply lip balm:

    Applying lip balm throughout your day can be a boost of smoothness and lush. The soothing gelatinous substance created with a lubricated formula will leave your lips with a protectant layer of wax or gel that will stay active on your lip’s skin for five to eight hours in a day. With the consistency that is heavily concentrated with natural ingredients, lip balm develops fast-healing and gives your lips a thicker and plump feel.


    How to apply lip balm:

    Applying lip balm is a fast and easy process. When working out of a small tube or container of lip balm, use your index finger and work the product around the center of your bottom lip and then apply it to your top lip. Once both lips are lathered with the product, rub your lips together to make sure the moisturization of the product spreads across. Simple tubes like the Carmex lip balm or the tub form such as the EOS lip balm are two common containers designed as user-friendly.

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