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Hallyu – The Korean Wave

  • 3 min read

Hallyu is a Chinese term that literally translates into the Korean Wave. It is used to describe how K-Pop silently emerged into popularity amongst the Western Cultures. Korea is most probably the only country dedicated to becoming an exporter of popular culture. Even the government… 

What’s in the Kpop Diet?

  • 3 min read

They say “you are what you eat”. We’re not saying you will turn into a cheeseburger if you eat one, however nutritionally poor foods will not offer you many benefits and it surely won’t bring you much closer to your health goals. By that, we… 

What is Glass Skin?

  • 3 min read

Glass Skin What is Glass Skin, actually? This term is widely used in the K-Beauty culture because Glass Skin is the ultimate skincare goal for anyone who believes in the power of Korean Beauty Standards. Glass Skin is represented by “the glow” that every skincare… 

Korean Beauty Culture

  • 11 min read

K-Beauty If you love K-Beauty as much as we do, then you must be dying to know more about the Korean Beauty Culture and Korean Beauty products. Well, you have come to the right place! We will cover everything there is to know about the… 

About Cleen Beauty

  • 3 min read

Cleen beauty is a beauty brand that boasts safe, non-toxic, and transparent ingredient labeling. Cleen beauty products are free of substances that have been shown or are suspected to be harmful to the user’s health in the long run. Cleen beauty products contain all the…